You come to me in the form of flightless vibrations.

Twitching, trembling, frantic. I feel your panic and smell your overwhelming, flustering fear.

Poor thing, tragic thing.

I will help you.

You tug at my heartstrings just like you tug at my strands of shimmering silk. Struggling so desperately… so afraid, so confused…

This is the hardest part. Waiting for you to stop fighting.

But you always do, eventually…

…they all do.

I come when you are still.

Quietly I creep along my silver strings. Your fright has you paralyzed, now. You’re frozen in fear and my crooked heart is heavy with guilt at the sight.

You are…so beautiful.

Just look at you, with your kaleidoscope wings. Evanescent rainbows dance along your thin, slender veins in an impossible spectrum of turquoise and cadmium and ochre. You are a cacophony of translucent, gem colored hues. Just…

look at you.

I will hide you from the world.

Beauty begets obsession, and that has been your ruin. But we all must die, lovely, every beauty and every beast. I will take your life gently. You will leave this world in warmth.

My kiss is sharp but short. The last fleeting bit of tension slips away from your twittering silhouette, and if monsters could smile, dearest, I would smile for you.

I wrap you slowly, gently. I cover your beauty in ethereal, glimmering strands with utmost care, with tender love. I know, my darling, I know that you do not want to go. But death comes for all of us, and I will make sure yours is painless. For who knows? Perhaps, in the next world, in another dawn, you shall be the one born with spindly legs and a monster’s sharp edges, and I will be blessed and burdened with kaleidoscope wings… the one who dances and flutters away from the stubby fingers of greedy human children, only to end up caught in ghostly strings instead…

My death will be a mercy and a gift, a gentle journey into sweet and simple dreams… and I hope that, should we meet again in another life, on different terms… you will grant onto me the same.

I want to sink into a world of warmth.

I want to die in silk.




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