“…what if it doesn’t work?”

The desperate squealing tore across the night sky like discordant violin notes. The animal thrashed in the ground at their feet, surprisingly animated despite the fact that it legs were bound together more tightly than was probably necessary. The grass surrounding it was shredded like confetti and the dry dirt was scattered in clumps, covering the squirming, pink thing in bits of green and brown.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

He repeated the question a bit harsher, this time. His companion finally tore his intense gaze away form the screeching swine, but the hungry, manic glint was still there as he looked up. It flickered in the depths of those midnight irises with an intensity that rivaled the roaring, scorching pyre.

“It will work,” he said firmly before wetting his lips. His fingers twitched around the handle of the blade before he thrust it towards the smaller, meeker child.

The younger boy stared at the knife disbelievingly. “…me?”

“Yes. You.” Dark eyes flickered back and forth between the creature and the silver steel knowingly.

“It has to be you. It’s always had to be you.” His firm tone left no room for argument. “This is your destiny.”

For a long moment, neither of them said anything. The endless howls of misery and fear from an animal’s mouth were starting to sound… human.

After what felt like an eternity, the nervous child finally took the knife. The steel felt strangely warm in his sweaty, shaking palm. Bile clawed at the back of his throat, the flavor of deepest foreboding. He swallowed nervously.

But the older one just smiled. “We will be legends.”

The words were a sigh on his lips as he looked up to the sky, following the floating trail of smoke up into the endless blanket of feathery clouds and dazzling stars. There was no moon, tonight.

“We’re going to live forever.”


11 thoughts on “Legends

  1. Hi! there new friend. First off, I like to say – this story is incredible good and creatively imaginative in so many levels that I felt like I was living in your mind and seeing it like a movie. Two-thumbs way up! I truly love what I’ve read here.

    Second, Thank you for following my page and liking my new poem. Curious, what made you want to read my work or follow me?

    Hope to hear from you very soon.

    P.S I’m currently following your page and I shall be reading more of your work. πŸ™‚ You seem like a cool and genuine person. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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