An Excess of Monsters

I used to be one of many.

Just another creature in the ocean, surrounded by other creatures that spanned the entire spectrum, from insignificant to magnificent. Horrifying to mesmerizing. Haunting to benign.

I used to bare my soul and wear my heart on the outside, pleading and paying for the opportunity- no, the honor– of someone else’s time and consideration. I begged for the sharpness of words that cut at my very core, and smiled when I was left a bleeding pile on the floor.

Thank you, but no thank you.

…there was an excess of monsters.

And then I said, “Fuck it. I’ll take the small pond, I’ll be a big fish- no, a shark- no, a leviathan- I’ll be the twisting, contorting monster that takes up all the space and all the water, that is as vast as the world, that is the world-

Because that is the only kind of monster I want to be.

The only one.


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