Pick One

“What do you want?”

“I want… glory. And fame. And riches, riches beyond my wildest dreams. Oh, and beauty. Great beauty, the kind that inspires songs and art. I want to love and to be to loved. I want to travel the world and see all of its wonders. I want children, lots of them. All happy and healthy, of course. I want to grow old, to the ripe, old age of one hundred, and to die peacefully in my sleep. I want to be happy.”

The demon hardly suppressed a sigh. It was baffling, really, just how much these starry-eyed mortals thought they could get for the meager price of one soul. This job was tiring on its best days and utterly vexing on its worst… not to mention that the benefits left muchΒ to be desired.

But the ancient creature was nothing if not professional. A thin smile graced his lips as he rested his piercing gaze on the ignorant, blessedly ignorant human before him.

“Pick one.”


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