You Are The Moon

Our dance is endless.

An encirclement of rhythm, a tempo, and repetitious song. You go, I follow. You shine, I smile.

You disappear, I despair.

You are an ever-shifting gemstone, an alabaster jewel. I am constantly imagining what you must feel like, with all of your hills and valleys, your mysterious depths and your brightened peaks.

Sometimes, I see them all so clearly, and I think I know you so well.

Sometimes, you are so shrouded in darkness that I cannot see you at all, and I know that I don’t actually know you at all.

…Do you know how beautiful you are?

At all times, in every way. When you move the whole world moves with you. The very oceans shift their mighty currents for your beauty. They are fascinated by you, those pulsing heartbeats that are down below, behind, between. By us.

By you.

…I worship you.

I cannot reach you.

Even at our closest, I am so far away. Even at your brightest, when I delude myself in to thinking that I know you, I cannot see you completely. You and your darkness, your other side, your secrets that drive me to madness as I imagine what you must feel like.

I wonder if you find me beautiful, too.

I wonder if you are yearning for me in the same way that I long for you. If this mesmerizing pull I feel is mutual, or if it is only me, with my scorching soul and burning curiosity.

No… No, it isn’t. We are both enthralled by this choreography, we are both lost in this  hypnotic music to which the whole world moves.

Our dance is endless. Our song is eternal.

I worship.





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