Don’t Flatter My Stains

This is a collaboration I did with my talented and wonderful friend Charlie Zero The Poet. It was a pleasure to write together, and I hope you find the outcome as enjoyable and whimsical as I do. If you don’t know Charlie’s work, I highly recommend checking it out – it’s very sci-fi, abstract, and puzzling (in a good way). It’s the kind of poetry that leaves you scratching your head with a bit of a fuzzy taste in your mouth (again, in a good way).  Anyway. Enjoy!


Something like daffodils flourish in my mind.

Yellow and gold, sunshine and light.

When I pluck one, two more take its place.

Their petals flutter off with the wind,

Become butterflies,

Become raindrops,

Become a movie.


Stinging the wind might make it all collapse.

Make rainbows, shy at first compliments.


Fructus the hand oasis said,

Tire out whatever is left on typewriters and silver screens.

The boys of imbibe can nibble on poison.


The chemicals slide down my throat.


I didn’t want to be a star,

Feeling the wind whistle through my teeth when I smile.

I don’t want the praise of the choirs, the adoration of the faceless.



Don’t flatter me.


The blush in the sky can’t come soon enough.

This witching hours has me surrounded.



My demons.


…Your demons.



Acapella choir, must you stain gravity’s gas?

Of course the hours plea,


Salvador Dali never repeats himself.


I’ll be your sculpture.
I’ll be your melting clock.


Hence the temperature in your veins require a rebirth.


You know I’m on fire with it,

This oil slick burn.

It’ll eat me alive,

It’ll make my skin peel off.


Charmingly charred,

I’ll be your incendiary angel with a smart name in neon.


Hydro-sonic piercing sings,

Now you strangle the levitating circle.

If the pyramid’s eye opens,

Poke its pupil

And watch the river of cinema cleanse your feet.


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