Snow Angels

The snow floated down from a sky of perfect white. One flake landed on her nose, followed shortly by another on her eyelashes. He watched as she blinked it away, grinning.

“You’ve never seen snow before?” he asked of his friend who might be considered more than a friend. 

“No,” she answered, breathless. It had only been minutes since the snowfall had started, and there was already a thin blanket of fluffy whiteness covering the ground. She stared at it like it was made of magic. “Never in my life.”

She started spinning, then. Arms raised, head back. Mouth open and tongue out. He laughed.

“Here,” he said, flinging himself on the ground. He spread his arms and legs out wide, pushing the snow around like his limbs were human windshield wipers. She cocked her head to one side and wrinkled her nose, confused.

“What are you doing?”

“Help me up, and I’ll show you.”

She looked dubious, but complied anyway. Carefully, he stepped away from his spot on the ground so as to not ruin his masterpiece. 

“It’s a snow angel!” he declared. She examined it for a moment before her face broke out into another giant grin. 

“I love it,” she said, eyes shining. “Let’s make more. Let’s…let’s fill the field with snow angels!” 

“The whole field?”

“The whole damn field!”

They did. 

For hours, they did nothing but decorate that blank-canvas landscape with the imprints of their bodies, laughing whenever they tripped and ruined them. They laughed even more when they realized that, by the time they felt they were finally making progress, their first ones had all but vanished. Those initial angels had become covered up by a fresh layer of snow while they were busy elsewhere. 

It was his happiest memory. Shining eyes, white snow, and so much laughter.

It was a recollection which he would call upon even years later, when there were no angels left in his world at all. 


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