“Love isn’t blind,” he said scathingly. “And whoever first said that was a moron.”

“You…you really don’t think so?” It seemed an odd thing to sound so bitter about, especially considering who was speaking.

“No. Love isn’t blindness or ignorance, it’s delusion. Love is hearing music in the silence, it’s feeling warmth when the air is cold.” He paused, eyes darkening with some undecipherable emotion.

“Love is seeing flower petals when they’re aren’t any.”



9 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. This is such a beautiful, yet heartbreakingly sad, piece. I’m a fan of your work, might I add. I finally hunted down your wordpress blog, and, BAM, hooked. I’ll be going through these, a bit at a time. And I must say I agree with the girl, for being hopelessly in love with something can be very, very difficult.

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