for you

I carved out a space for you

In my chest, between my ribs

I scraped it clean using my hands

There’s still skin under my nails

And blood wet and vibrant on my palms


I carved out a space for you

In my heart, between two beats

I made it nice and lit a candle

It’s warm here beneath the glow

And soft and loving in the center


I carved out a space for you

In my head, between these thoughts

I wiped them down with my cotton sleeves

There’s a sparkle to them now

All glistening wonder

All for you

6 thoughts on “for you

  1. I feel pain…. rather than “hearts and flowers” romance… from this. I can feel ache through your words. Your writing is exquisite and impressive. I think it says something, too, that multiple people can read something you’ve wrote and experience it in completely different ways.

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  2. Hey… You probably don’t remember me, but I followed you for quite while, some time ago. I had you on Facebook, and Tumblr, etc. But today when I was looking for something good to read, I remembered of you. Yeah, I’m talking about your fanfics… I guess you don’t really wanna talk about it, ’cause you deleted all your accounts, and it was quite hard for me to find you, really. I’ve been here for more than a hour. So, you don’t need to give mo some explanation or anything, unless you want to talk, in this case I would be very glad. Otherwise, I just want to ask you if I could read your histories again, I will miss them, very much. Anyway, I’m happy to find something about you here, your writing is mesmerizing as always. I wish you only the best. E.

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