Don’t lie, it’s all right

There’s no need for truth tonight

I just want to keep painting this fragile fantasy

Let me

Let me

Don’t try, it’s all right

There’s no need for us to fight

I just want to float around in this snow globe fantasy

Let me

Let me

I’d break skies for you

Grab the heavens with my fingers, rip them open, tear the clouds

Bleed sunsets into your pretty head

Make you hear navy, taste violet, know red

I understand now

I understand


There was nothing in his kiss,

Nothing in the press of his lips to my cheek.

Nothing in his words.

In his smile,

His gleaming eyes,


I looked up and thought, 


He looked down and said,




You’re an oak-aged, liquid velvet.
So robust, aromatic,
Très charmant.

You’re made to sip,

You linger on the tongue,
Supple, smoky, slightly sweet.
Your after-taste says:

Appreciate me for the masterpiece that I am.

Then, in the space between an exhale a lifetime –

Drink from me again.

You linger on the tongue…


Climb with two legs, four, eight.

Conquer my still body with every appendage, scale me with your tongue.


And when you crawl across my soft, closed lips,

Know that this I kiss you so dearly.

And when you trail over my soft, closed lids,

Know that I see you so clearly.


I’m dancing in my mind for you.

I’m celebrating the descent.



Wither, wane, wilt.There is no amount of sunlight that can save you,

No water so pure that can quench your dying thirst.

This is the end of you,

My parchment petals.

This is the end of you,

My bone dry roots.

This is the end.