Climb with two legs, four, eight.

Conquer my still body with every appendage, scale me with your tongue.


And when you crawl across my soft, closed lips,

Know that this I kiss you so dearly.

And when you trail over my soft, closed lids,

Know that I see you so clearly.


I’m dancing in my mind for you.

I’m celebrating the descent.



Wither, wane, wilt.There is no amount of sunlight that can save you,

No water so pure that can quench your dying thirst.

This is the end of you,

My parchment petals.

This is the end of you,

My bone dry roots.

This is the end.


I’ll be the sunshine to warm your cold corners

I’ll be the embers to melt your winter soul

And when your lips are coated with the crystals of your icy songs

I’ll kiss away the frostbite with my rhapsody of fire

Some will call it romance, some will call it tragedy

But we’ll call it what it really is

We’ll call it what it really is