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Artist living and working physically in the Midwest, but mentally everywhere else.


Current Works in Progress:


Young Adult, Fantasy

Dragons have always been well known for coveting treasure – gold, jewels, the occasional, priceless artifact – but sometimes, if they were desirable enough…the beasts would steal a person. This is a story of a possessive monster, a confused captive, and the bleeding walls of a castle that make up their world.

This story is also being continued on my Patreon.

Only Power

Adult, Drama/Romance:

They were adored by the masses, they were famous, they were glorified… but gladiators were still slaves. He knew nothing good could come from falling in love with a killer, least of all one with a silver smile constrained by golden shackles. Shame that Hadrian never was very rational. Ancient Rome based (but fictional) society: violence, adult themes, political drama.

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